Coolant Services


DeLeon-Thompson knows coolant better than any other distributor in the Midwest. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in cutting fluid management, and all DeLeon-Thompson outside staff are trained to the highest level. Our in-house Cutting Fluid and Cleaner Specialist has extensive experience in fluid recycling and disposal, as well as cutting and grinding fluid troubleshooting expertise. Our full service in-house coolant laboratory tests and analyzes machine coolant quality for our customers.

Free Sampling Programs

DeLeon-Thompson’s free local sampling program monitors, tests, analyzes and reports on machine coolant quality, recommending solutions to eliminate bacteria and fungus and maintain proper pH balance, and helping customers reduce cutting fluid and cleaner costs. We provide you with sample bottles at no charge, and email free coolant analysis reports with a running history by machine.

Top Brands, Largest Inventory

With top-quality brands and the largest inventory in the Midwest, DeLeon-Thompson also provides cutting fluids, grinding fluids, straight oil and misting fluids; production, maintenance and floor cleaners; and recycling equipment, oil skimmers and filtration equipment.

See our line card for a complete listing of the manufacturers and product lines DeLeon-Thompson represents and distributes.